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Love Where You Live: Okmulgee, Oklahoma

Adventure awaits in Oklahoma, where each and every town is unique, lively, and full of possibilities. While almost any city you choose to visit will be lovely, there’s something special about Okmulgee.

Okmulgee blends the peaceful atmosphere of small town, country living with the exciting recreation of a big city. With just over 12,000 residents, Okmulgee is a close-knit community that’s big on hospitality.

See what it’s like to live in a town where neighbors know each other by name, and there’s always something fun going down on Main Street.

Small Town Living

Living in a small town has its perks. It might be farther from stadiums or huge shopping centers, but it makes up for that with its natural charm.

Okmulgee has plenty of charm to spare. In 2002, it was recognized as one of the top Main Streets in the country. Here, you’ll find delicious food, interesting shops, and big smiles.

Small Business Rules

ice cream mom and pop shops in okmulgeeThough popular chain Sonic might be the go-to drink stop in Okmulgee, nothing beats a tasty treat from a family owned business. That’s what you’ll find when you visit Braum’s Ice Cream, one of the most popular in the state.

The prominence of small businesses has created an incredible community in Okmulgee unlike any other. Community events are wildly popular, and offer fun recreation for residents of all ages.

Two words: American Football

american football in okmulgeeIf you live in Okmulgee, you’re a football fan. In this small town, it’s practically a way of life.

Make fast friends with your neighbors by cheering on the Bulldogs, or attending a number of fun football parties come fall.

Fishing and Wildlife

Fishing and hunting are popular pastimes in Okmulgee. There are even a number of houses available near public game lands.

Get out with your friends on an early fall morning, and don’t forget to wear orange!

Natural Beauty

natural okmulgee beautyHave you ever seen an Oklahoma sunset? Once you do, you’ll never forget it. Natural beauty is wide and expansive in Oklahoma’s “Green Country,” and Okmulgee does not disappoint.

Okmulgee has been the capital of the Muscogee Creek Nation since the Civil War. Rich with history, Okmulgee is derived from a Creek word that means “babbling brook.” It was chosen for the area’s rivers and springs.

Today, Creek presence is still strongly felt in Okmulgee, where natural beauty can be seen everywhere. Spend the weekend camping at Okmulgee Dripping Springs State Park. The serene Deep Fork National Wildlife Refuge is another location that offers picturesque views.

Eager to Explore this Bustling Small Town?

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