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120 Acres of Adventure is Waiting in Okmulgee

18700 wilson road

Okmulgee is a special place. Though small, it’s brimming with friendly faces, lots of outdoor recreation, fun community events, and beautiful country homes for sale. When you move here, you instantly feel at home within the tight-knit community. That’s because Okmulgee residents are some of the friendliest people you’ll ever meet. In addition to the […]

Love Where You Live: Okmulgee, Oklahoma

community events in okmulgee

Adventure awaits in Oklahoma, where each and every town is unique, lively, and full of possibilities. While almost any city you choose to visit will be lovely, there’s something special about Okmulgee. Okmulgee blends the peaceful atmosphere of small town, country living with the exciting recreation of a big city. With just over 12,000 residents, […]

You Know You Live in Okmulgee When…

Whether you’ve just moved to Okmulgee or have lived here all your life, you have to admit that there’s something special about living in this town. These are things that only Okmulgee residents understand. 1. Nothing Beats Those Oklahoma Sunsets Okmulgee’s sunrises aren’t bad, either. You can’t find a view like this anywhere else! 2. You Only Get Ice […]