You Know You Live in Okmulgee When…

Whether you’ve just moved to Okmulgee or have lived here all your life, you have to admit that there’s something special about living in this town. These are things that only Okmulgee residents understand.

1. Nothing Beats Those Oklahoma Sunsets

sunset over a farm

Okmulgee’s sunrises aren’t bad, either. You can’t find a view like this anywhere else!

2. You Only Get Ice Cream from One Place

No other ice cream in the world compares with Braum’s.

3. Football is a Way of Life

ball in a field

Football is a big deal in Okmulgee. When you’re not rooting for the Bulldogs, you’re cheering for the Sooners or the Cowboys.

4. So is Hunting and Fishing

hunting deer in a forest

You might even have a house that’s near public game lands.

5. “Y’all” is a Standard Part of Your Vocabulary

friends relaxing on a truck

You can’t go a day without saying it to your friends, family, neighbors, coworkers…

6. Local is the Only Way to Go

Sonic may be your go-to for drinks, but you’ll always choose Mom & Pops over franchise restaurants.

7. You’d Never Want to Live Anywhere Else

girl watching the sun set

There’s nothing like the wide-open spaces and sense of community. You’re proud to call Okmulgee “home.”

Thinking of Moving to Okmulgee?

We’ll help you find your home sweet home. We’re more than happy to share what we love about this area, take you on a tour of your favorite properties, and help with all the details of your move. Check out our buying resources, see what homes are on the market, or call us at 918-756-1249 to get started!

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